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Telstra – Installation & Maintenance

ISGM is the sole national provider of outsourced Installation and Maintenance (I&M) services for Telstra. ISGM is responsible for managing all subcontractor installation and maintenance for copper services including telephony, broadband, ULL and jumpering activities between Telstra exchanges and customer premises.

How our ISGM I&M model works:

  • iandm1After a customer contacts Telstra, Tickets of Work (ToW) are issued to ISGM I&M subcontractors via Toughbooks (pictured).
  • The subcontractor completes the work and closes the ToW in the Toughbook.
  • Completed jobs are then loaded into Contractor Management System (CMS) and invoiced through a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI), which are paid weekly.
  • ISGM I&M subcontractors operates under an agreed Schedule of Rate (SOR). Rates are reviewed annually and are competitive, consistent and fair. The rates and SOR Descriptions relevant to your region of operation are provided as part of the onboarding process.
  • Subcontracting companies who provide I&M services to ISGM are supported by ISGM Team Managers, who are co-located with the Telstra Team Managers in Telstra offices to ensure a consistent approach to customer service.
  • iandm2All I&M subcontractors are provided with co-branded uniforms (pictured) and ISGM and Telstra supply all network materials free of charge, excluding consumables.
  • Financial incentives are provided to ISGM I&M subcontractors on a monthly basis for superior customer service, quality and productivity.

Expectations of subcontracting companies who provide I&M services to ISGM

  •  Each and every worker (employee or contractor), including all working directors that you plan to use in work for ISGM must have the necessary accreditations and training to perform I&M work.
  • You will need to provide all the tools, vehicles and PPE required to complete work in an efficient and safe manner.
  • You will be committed to customer service – always neat and tidy, professional, pleasant and respectful to your customers and stakeholders.
  • You will follow ISGM SWMS, policies and procedures to ensure the safety of you, your customers and the general public.

Want to know more?

  • We have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions Document to help you understand what is involved if your company was to provide I&M subcontracting services to ISGM.
FAQs for Installation and Maintenance

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