Opportunities. Our culture & values.

Our culture & values

Our unique service offering differentiate us from our competitors, but it is our culture and values that really sets us apart. We base our business approach on a set of values that represent our culture and define the way we work. We firmly believe that it’s not just what we do, but how we do it that really matters. We recognise the greatest challenge for our business is to maintain our unique culture.

To hear more about our values, please watch our Executives talk about why the values are important to ISGM by clicking on each image below.


Our values are:


  • Works in a safe manner at all times and actively identifies and controls hazards.
  • Completes all required HSE training.
  • Reports any incidents and hazards immediately.


  • Displays behaviours consistent with ISGMs Code of Conduct and Workplace Behaviour Policy.
  • Demonstrates dignity, respect, care and empathy towards others.
  • Exhibits ISGM values and ethics in actions and contributions.
  • Presents in a professional and appropriate image at all times.


  • Shares information and learning experiences and actively develops own skills.
  • Achievement oriented and consistently delivers.
  • Suggests solutions rather than simply presenting the problem.
  • Meets each task with enthusiasm, energy and passion.
  • Makes things happen – proactive, takes initiative and accepts responsibility.
  • Dedicated to meeting customer expectations and requirements.
  • Demonstrates a strong grasp of job-specific knowledge.


  • Notices when a colleague needs help and takes the initiative to assist in completing team objectives.
  • Proactively participates in meetings and decision-making processes.
  • Generates enthusiasm and commitment around team goals, and helps to overcome related obstacles to achieving this for the team.
  • Willing to work in a cooperative and helpful manner with other team members as opposed to working independently.
  • Able to take advice and feedback from others when appropriate.  Does own share of work within specified time frames.
  • Demonstrates understanding of how their role contributes to the wider business objectives.
  • Shares information and learning experiences.
  • Puts forward ideas for improvement of team’s performance.
  • Is prepared to buy into the team decision even though it may not be consistent with own.


  • Makes suggestions as to how work processes can be improved.
  • Monitors efficiency of own work practices and modifies procedures to provide a more effective and efficient service.
  • Shares best practice tips with others so that they can improve their performance.