Opportunities. Employee profile. Wade rides the ISGM wave

Wade rides the ISGM wave

Wade RichardsonWade Richardson has enjoyed a whirlwind ride since joining ISGM’s Melbourne office last September from Newcastle.

And it’s continued recently, as the former HSE Administrator – National headed back north to take up his new role as a Design and Construction HSE Field Auditor with the northern region.

After completing his bachelor of health sciences degree in 2012, Wade had a stint at a Newcastle phone dealership, which stoked his interest in telecommunications. But he knew he wanted to do more than hawk phones.

“I realised there wasn’t much room for progression and I didn’t have any satisfaction in the role. So I tried to realign myself with my original studies and Health and Safety was a good option for that,” he said.

The decision has paid dividends. He landed his first health and safety role with ISGM last September, relocating to Melbourne… On top of this, he plunged head first into a MBA, which gave him a great insight into how an organisation runs.

In his role as a HSE administrator, Wade supported ISGM’s HSE advisors across the country and managed ISGMs employee training accreditation.

“That was one of the reasons I wanted to get into health and safety, you get to work with different people every day, with different priorities. It’s never the same day,” Wade said.

“Because we (ISGM) are pretty young, I was actually able to help build something as opposed to just manage it, which is a pretty big deal. It’s helped me a lot.”

In late April, Wade started his new auditor role at Eagle Junction that will see him supporting the HSE Advisor in the northern region, on the road consulting stakeholders and subcontractors and building relationships with regional regulators.

He’s chuffed he can build on his industry experience through ISGM and said he had been afforded a “great opportunity” to enhance his skills.

“The operations side was something I wanted to develop and when this auditor role came up I thought it was the perfect opportunity,” he said.

“You really want to keep learning in your role and this should help with my career progression.

“To get into a company like ISGM that is young and has these opportunities is really refreshing.

“The company culture promotes achievement. If you’re willing to throw your hat into the ring, there are opportunities there for you.”