Opportunities. Employee profile. Luke leads the way into new role

Luke leads the way into new role

luke-halleyWith the rapid expansion of ISGM in the telecommunications space, industry veteran Luke Halley saw the potential and was eager to be part of it.

Luke joined ISGM as an Installation and Maintenance (I&M) Team Manager in 2013, bringing with him over 20 years of telecommunications experience.

With a background in HFC and Foxtel, he spent his first eight months managing 25 contractor BCIMS technicians, lifting his team’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) and dealing with competing customer demands.

“You’re in the field and your relationship is with the team – dealing with the day-to-day issues with customers,” he said. “Everyone wants their high speed internet. If they can’t get on Facebook that night, that’s a major issue!”

But his passion and experience lay in Design and Construction (D&C), and when a new opportunity arose he jumped at the chance to transition.

Earlier this year, Luke was elevated to D&C Field Services Manager (FSM) for ISGMs Central region and his increased responsibilities recognised his wealth of skills and knowledge in telecommunications.

His leadership role is to support the Regional Contract Manager (RCM) to deliver ISGMs focus areas of process, quality, safety, compliance, customers, innovation and training.

“My background is D&C. I come from the field and I have an operational background – people management, tool, materials, plant, labour – it’s all very familiar,” Luke said. “It’s more focus on governance, data, KPIs, escalations and process improvement. I’m responsible for getting information out to help the TMs do their job.”

He said he felt fortunate to have tasted both I&M and D&C sides of the business.

“Having the opportunities at ISGM has been great,” he said. “ISGM is a place where you can see growth potential – not only for the business, but for me personally.

“I didn’t want to be stuck. I started my career digging holes. I’ve had my time doing that. I have ambition and I feel very fortunate to be engaged and recognised by ISGM.”