Opportunities. Employee profile. Lia’s leaps and bounds at ISGM

Lia’s leaps and bounds at ISGM

Lia Nassatta

Just like ISGM has enjoyed rapid growth, Lia Habouchi has relished the many emerging career development opportunities available at ISGM.

Lia is currently the Business Support Officer with ISGM’s Southern region Installation and Maintenance (I&M) team and has her sights set on a leadership role down the track.

Lia came to ISGM in April 2012 as a temp through ISGM subsidiary BDS People and assisted the Contractor Management System (CMS) helpdesk taking calls from subcontractors.

“It became a helpline for when subcontractors couldn’t get anywhere else – Questions like I just started, how do I lodge a Ticket of Work?’, ‘How do I use CMS?’, ‘When is pay day?’, ‘ anything could come through,” she said.

“I learnt CMS along the way and I started getting more and more involved – things like daily files, learning Schedule of Rates (SORs), assisting subcontractors with Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTIs) and supporting the regions.”

Initially, Lia spent the majority of her time managing the call centre but her “evolving” role quickly expanded as ISGM and its operations grew and more subcontractors were in the field. She took on a full-time position as a CMS Systems Assistant and Lia said she felt encouraged to make the role her own.

“I got more and more responsibility and I started doing Missing Ticket of Work (MTOW), processing RCTIs, and working closely with Telstra,” she said.

“During that time I started putting in my own processes. I’m very routine and process-oriented so it was great that I could take the initiative, get the OK and go ahead with things.”

Having achieved everything she wanted to in the role, Lia asked herself and her manager “where can I go from here?”

Lia thought she could use her national knowledge to assist Team Managers and subcontractors “from a different angle”.

“I had dealt with nearly every role in ISGM – at some point everyone has spoken to me because CMS is ISGMs central system, so I got a feel for what each role does,” she said.

“I wanted the next step up and thought the regional Business Support Officer (BSO) role would be ideal as I was helping Team Managers, teaching systems and process, helping subcontractors – I was doing all sorts of things. I thought it was definitely what I needed.”
Lia became the Southern region I&M BSO in March and said her day-to-day routine was a mixed bag.

“Everything from onboarding subcontractors to organising uniforms, materials, Toughbooks, insurances and accreditations to systems and processes, to booking flights to reporting and analysis and KPIs,” Lia said.

“After being in the BSO role, I understood what the TM does. Now that I’m in the BSO role, I see a lot of what they do by getting out there.”
“It’s given me more of a path because from this role, I could go to a TM role and it’s what I’m aiming for.”

Since making a career change as a retail analyst in 2012, Lia says she doesn’t regret her switch to telecommunications and ISGM.

“I always speak highly of ISGM. I don’t even have to say many words – people are like you really love your job and I do! I always put my heart and soul into it.” she enthused.

“I’ve always thought ISGM have been great in that way – they notice potential they really encourage you and are really supportive. It’s like a family. Everyone’s quite close and very approachable.”