Opportunities. NBN Multi Dwelling Unit

nbn TM Multi Dwelling Unit

ISGM manages a team of subcontractors who install fibre networks into selected Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) in Queensland and Northern Territory.

Our optic fibre installation services include identifying the fibre service access module (FSAM) and body corporates of the multi-dwelling units, surveying and designing the cabling, managing the approval and construction activities and gaining final signoff.

Our team uses the latest technology, training and safety regulations to ensure installs are com­pleted on time and budget, with excellent service and delivery.

To subcontract for ISGM, here are the skill sets that will be required for the MDU project:

  • Install underground enclosures and conduit
  • Install underground cable
  • Install customer cable support systems
  • Splice and terminate single optical fibre cable
  • Splice and terminate ribbon fibre cable
  • Fibre testing and commission

How our ISGM nbn TM MDU (Multi Dwelling Units) model works:

  • After ISGM Identify and Design the MDU’s, Tickets of Work (ToW) are issued to ISGM nbn TM subcontractors via TOWA.
  • The subcontractor completes the work and closes the ToW in TOWA.
  • ISGM-Walkers-2Completed jobs are then loaded into Contractor Management System (CMS) and invoiced through a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI), which are paid weekly.
  • ISGM nbn TM subcontractors operate under an agreed Schedule of Rate (SOR). Rates are reviewed annually and are competitive, consistent and fair. The rates and SOR Descriptions relevant to your region of operation are provided as part of the onboarding process.
  • Subcontracting companies who provide nbn TM services to ISGM are supported by regionally based ISGM Team Managers.

Expectations of subcontracting companies who provide nbn TM services to ISGM

  1. You will need to meet the commercial and operational standards of an ISGM subcontractor:
    • ISGM only works with Proprietary Limited (PTY LTD) companies. If you are not currently a PTY LTD company you will need to speak to your accountant or financial advisor to arrange,
    • Your company must be registered for GST,
    • You will need to sign a standard Contract (National Broadband Network Project – MDU Brownfieds).
  2. You, and the workers that you propose to use, must have the skills, accreditations and other qualifications necessary to perform the work required.
  3. You will strive to exceed the industry minimum standard in your approach to managing the health and safety of your workers, other co-workers and the public.
  4. You will have the necessary tools, plant, vehicles and PPE required perform your work safely and efficiently.
  5. You will work in accordance with the ISGM values and subcontractor specific policies, procedures, including our Workplace Behaviour Policy.

Register Your Expression of Interest

  • If you think you have what it takes to provide nbn TM subcontracting services to ISGM please email info@isgm.com.au with your Company Name, Location and Contact Details to Register Your Expression of Interest.